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I am Single

I am Single (click to view)

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Added: July 15, 2012

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What is a cover photo? How do I add a cover photo to my Facebook timeline?
A cover is the larger photo at the top of your timeline, right above your profile picture. Note: Like your profile picture, cover images are public, which means anyone visiting your timeline will be able to see them.
Facebook found that people have a better experience viewing your timeline when they see a cover that is as unique and individualized as you are. This helps people learn more about you. It also helps Facebook prevent spam, fake profiles, and other content that can detract from your experience on Facebook. An easy way to ensure your cover image is unique is to choose an image from your life, like a photo from a wedding, day at the beach, or birthday party. If you want to use a photo to show solidarity or express support for a cause or organization, you can still post a status or a photo and star it on your timeline.
To add a cover image to your timeline:
Choose your favorite cover on our site here, click on the button "Upload to Facebook" allow our Facebook Application to post that Cover onto your wall, please note, we are not doing anything with your facebook profile or your data, you are doing it, you are the only one who can post those covers on your Facebook wall!. To have the Top Cover like our on Facebook page, just replace it with the uploaded one which you can find in your Facebook albums. We wish you all much phun and thank you for your share of our Facebook Timeline Covers!